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Parallel & Herringbone Parlors

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Upgrade Your Milking Equipment to
Meet Your Goals

Is your current milking parlor equipment looking outdated? Are you planning to have a brand-new milking parlor installed for your dairy? If so, choose the professional installers at Advanced Dairy for your project.

We can install quality equipment that meets your production goals and budget. From minor replacements to the complete outfitting of your new facility with a brand-new system, we can handle all types of projects.

Trust us to handle your milk parlor project from start to finish with complete attention to details. We'll provide you with a highly efficient system that will ensure you're able to exceed your dairy farm operation goals.

Call us today for a FREE consultation with our experts and get a FREE project bid on your new parlor system as well!


We Follow a Meticulous and Systematic Approach

When it comes to the design and planning of your new milking parlor, you can rely on our experts to do an excellent job. We take all relevant factors into consideration during this phase of the project.

These include:

  • Building size and location
  • Number of animals that can be accommodated comfortably within the facility during the operation
  • Maximization of system efficiency
  • Ensuring safe operation
  • Monitoring processes and the well-being of your animals
  • Production goals

You'll be pleased to know we offer FREE project bidding that covers the installation of rotary and robotic milking parlors. Call us for more information on our products and services.

If you need assistance with financing, our financial experts are there to provide the best solution for your specific needs.

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