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Are you having difficulty keeping feed pushed up for your animals? The DeLaval Optiduo not only pushes feed, it also remixes. The Optiduo is capable of up to 10 pushes per day to best suite feeding schedules. Our professional crew is experienced with installing and servicing these units. Keep fresh feed available 24/7 by installing a DeLaval Optiduo.

Our sales staff will visit your location explain all the benefits and specifications. Our staff can also assist in the design and map out your installation to ensure operational reliability.

Call us for a consultation and get a FREE project bid on a new Optiduo. Schedule a tour today to our other Optiduo installations!
Behavior Analysis
Looking to improve breeding, find sick cows early, and locate cows in the barn? The BA system is for you. Watch the video to learn about the latest in DeLaval's heat probability, rumination, and location system.

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