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Rotary Parlor

Boost Efficiency of the Milking Process

Increase Throughput
Optimize Labor
Ideal for Growth-Minded Dairies
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Rotary Milking Solutions for Large Herds

Planning to enhance the operational efficiency of your dairy farm business? Consider having the professionals from local, family-owned Advanced Dairy install a rotary parlor for your dairy.

A rotary milking system is a cost-effective and customizable option that allows you to easily and effectively manage your employees and animals. DeLaval rotaries deliver advanced extraction, vacuum and pulsation settings for fast, gentle milking

The team from Advanced Dairy can visit your location and determine if a rotary system is the right option for you based on your herd, production goals, and facility size. With over 40 years in the industry, you can depend on our expertise and knowledge.

Call us for a consultation and get a FREE project bid on your new system

Advantages of Using a Rotary Parlor System
Looking to expand and scale your dairy operation? A rotary parlor is the answer.
  • Can be easily operated
  • Multiple safety systems to protect operators and cows
  • Designed to accommodate the entry and exit of animals in a continuous fashion until all milking is completed
  • Requires fewer operators
  • Time-sensitive way to schedule your daily milking schedule
  • Can be customized to meet your needs
  • A fully automated TSR (Teat Spray Robot) can be added to perform pre-dip and post-dip

Rotary parlors make milking cows an easily manageable task. Call today to setup a tour at one of our Rotary installations!

DeLaval Teat Spray Robot (TSR)
DeLaval TSR is a robotic teat spray robot that can be installed as a pre-dip or post-dip unit on a rotary Parlor. The TSR is capable of of being installed on DeLaval rotaries and competitive branded rotaries as well. Increase your labor efficiency and teat spray coverage by installing a TSR.

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