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Robotic Milking

Rethink the way cows are milked.

Increase Labor Efficiency
Optimize Milk Production
Create Flexibility in Daily Schedule

Automated Milking Technology to Optimize Productivity

Enhance the efficiency of your milking operation with automated robotic milking equipment installed by the industry-leader.

Our skilled and professional crew is experienced in robotic installations and is invested in the future of dairy technology.  We are a DeLaval dealer with robotic trained technicians at all of our locations. We offer regular and emergency service for any repairs and preventative maintenance at scheduled times to keep your milking operation running smoothly.

Our sales team will visit your location and determine whether robotic milking is the right technology to meet your needs & assist with design and layout. If you're interested in setting up a tour to visit some of our installations, reach out to us to schedule today!

Call us for a consultation and get a FREE project bid on a new system. Our friendly staff is very quick and will do our best to answer to all your questions.


Benefits of Robotic Milking Technology

  • Increased Labor Savings
  • Advanced Animal Monitoring
  • Cutting-edge technology
Most importantly, you can give your cows the freedom to choose when they want to be milked. Milking permission is individualized to every cow to optimize robot visits and milk production.

With robotic technology, you can set milking settings for cows and robots independently. In many designs, robots milk different groups and the settings are adjusted to best fit the needs of the group. Using DelPro, DeLaval's farm management platform, and assistance from our Dairy Advisory team, you can be assured you will have the all the animal information and support to make the best decisions for your herd.

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